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We Are a Blog about Natural Products, not Rx Brands.

Only Rx Brands is but one, of over 20, blogs created by the author of this site dedicated to providing the public accurate information on topics like CBD, Hemp, Cannabis, Kratom, Nootropics, Chems, and other non-prescription products.  Unfortunately the internet is so full of inaccurate information.  And AI is not making it any better.  Computers are now rewriting misinformation at lightning speed and so you have to be careful where you get your information these days.  Click here for more information on the Author, David McGinnis.  Or visit our Marketing Services page for information on how we may help you business grow.

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Real Xtreme Brands is the online go-to for all things alternative therapies including Cannabis, Hemp, Kratom, Cannabinoids like CBD and THC, Cannabis Strains, Terpenes, and any other natural therapy.  Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive information about these topics in an easy-to-understand way that educates our readers in a fun and exciting way.  Most of these industries are regulated so you can’t say the benefits on most ecommerce sites without making a medical claim that voids your credit card processing account.  However, we’re an informational blog.  We offer expert advice from professionals with deep knowledge on hemp and cannabis business needs such as wholesale buying tips or bulk gummy manufacturing insight.  Our vision is to be a trusted resource for those seeking out information while becoming a leader in providing helpful content to buyers to make informed online decisions.  Through our blog posts written by David McGinnis, owner of a CBD Company plus professional ecommerce website developer, we strive to create engaging content full of fun images and videos giving individuals access to valuable industry insights they would not be able find anywhere else!

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